An old man sits by the dying embers of a fire in London of 1669. The ghosts of the past surround him and a decades old guilt weighs him down. As a young man, Robert Bylot did it all: journeyed to the magical Spice Islands on a quest for the alchemist John Dee, communicated with angels through Crystallomancy, and searched for the fabled Northwest Passage with Henry Hudson. He has survived plague, mutiny and fire, and found happiness with an extraordinary woman, but nothing has assuaged the ancient guilt that tortures him—unless the old, stained book on his lap contains the answer. The book might be his salvation, or his damnation.​

Through Bylot's memories and the words written in the book he holds, The Final Alchemy recreates a world at the tipping point between the mysticism of the Middle Ages and the rationality of the Renaissance. The possibilities for glory and profit appear limitless, but the risks are horrifying. (Adult)

The Final Alchemy by John Wilson is to a historical fiction lover the way a box of chocolates is to most of us -- delicious, luxurious, self-indulgent pleasure.” Amazon Review

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, and that formed the excitement of reading this exceptional novel. There are intrigue, magic, a quest for the four Alchemic elements for a mysterious wizard, all woven together with the sketchy geography of the early Age of Discovery and the journeys of Henry Hudson through the unknown waterways of an unknown world…I have never read anything quite like this book, and I am a voracious reader. You must wait for the close of the story for the "final alchemy," but it is well worth the journey. Highly recommended.” Amazon Review

NOTE: The Final Alchemy is a novel for adults—a longer, more complex rendering of the tale woven for teens in the award-winning 
The Alchemist’s Dream
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