Tales of War

Tales of three linked characters who get caught up in the First World War; Eddie, who flies planes made from wood and canvas; Alec, who digs dangerous tunnels beneath enemy lines; and Manon, who is sent back into occupied Belgium to spy for the British. (Age 10 and up)

Seven Series

Follow Steve as he discovers dark secrets about his grandfather and in the process: becomes involved in the mystery of a famous artist's missing skull; finds a diary, a beautiful girl and why his grandfather was caught up in long ago war; runs from the Russian Mafia as he searches for a lost nuclear bomb. (Age 10 and up)

I Am Canada

Two separate stories about fictional characters in real historical settings. Alan McBride is a soldier in WWI struggling to stand up to the stress of battle. George Chambers is the last survivor of the doomed Franklin Expedition.Real excitement. True history. (Age 10 and up)

Fields of Conflict

Set in the First and Second World Wars, and the American Civil War, these titles examine th struggles of young people caught up in horrifying conflicts they can barely understand. (Age 12 and up)

Desert Legends

Set in the American southwest in the 1870s, a boy goes in search of his father. In his adventures, he meets scalpers, Billy the Kid and becomes involved in the Apache wars.(Age 10 and up)

The Sam and
Annabel Stories

A series of hi/low books in Orca Currents. In each story Sam and Annable lock horns with Humphrey Battleford and try to stop him stealing valuable artifacts for his private collection. The adventures take them to Australia, Alberta, the Canadian Arctic and in Gold, the fourth book coming out in the fall of 2017, in search of hidden Nazi treasure in Italy. (Reading level grade 4 to 5, ages 10 to 14))
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