​Fifteen-year-old Ted Ryan and his parents have a chance to escape the drudgery of the Depression in Canada for a holiday in Europe. Unfortunately, it is the summer of 1936 and Spain, where Ted longs to see a bullfight, is exploding in civil war.

Swept up in the chaos, Ted finds himself alone and searching for his missing father (Will Ryan from Red Goodwin). The only person who can help him is Dolores, a beautiful Spanish revolutionary who can explain what is going on, but who is in just as much danger as Ted as they travel across the war-torn countryside. (Age 10 and up)

"…moves along at a breakneck pace." Canadian Children's Literature

"Wilson offers a unique perspective on this fascinating era…even minor characters are brought to life." Library Journal

"…replete with the constant menace of danger and death…Recommended." Canadian Book Review Annual

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