Graves of Ice, is a dramatic Arctic adventure set during Sir John Franklin’s doomed search for the Northwest Passage in 1845. A timely read now that Franklin's ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror have both been discovered in a remarkable state of preservation (2014 and 2016 respectively). 

Graves of Ice opens with George Chambers sitting alone on a hilltop having just buried his best friend. It is September 1849 and it's beginning to snow. After four years in the Arctic, George knows that he’s dying and that the rescue he has prayed for is not coming. As his strength dwindles from starvation and scurvy, he recalls the hopes and horrors that have led him to this end. Will his story be all that is left? 

Graves of Ice is a great introduction to the fascinating mystery of the Franklin Expedition for both young and adult readers…this book is a realistic scenario in which the puzzle parts seem to fit together well.” Arctic Book Review

…a haunting story that keeps the reader riveted” CM Magazine

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