Flames of the Tiger is the second new edition in Heritage House’s Fields of Conflict Series from the Wandering Fox imprint. 

Over the course of a single night in 1945, in a ditch by the flickering light of a burning Tiger tank, a young German soldier tells his life story to a wounded Canadian. Growing up in Germany in the 1930s, Dieter has been seduced by the pomp and propaganda of the Nazis. Now, having seen battle and having discovered the evils his countrymen are capable of, the best he can hope for is survival.

"…a though-provoking novel about the experiences of war." CCBN

"…a compelling and thoughtful story of war that should appeal to a wide range of readers." Q&Q

"Although students in grade 6 should be able to understand the exciting and vividly written book, the issues it raises also make it suitable for students in senior grades. It is a superb introduction to the ambiguities and complexities that surround the study of World War II. It deals thoughtfully with a number of important and thorny questions about German life and individual responsibility versus collective guilt during the Nazi era. It realistically describes the institutionalized pre war anti Semitism of the Nazis, which led inexorably to Holocaust's death camps. As well, the destruction of Berlin and the vicious battles between SS Panzer units and Canadians at Caen, in 1944, are honestly portrayed. Highly Recommended" CM Magazine
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