​Perhaps the icy Arctic waters that have hidden HMS Erebus for 170 years have preserved a diary. Perhaps it is the diary of the ship's Captain, James Fitzjames. We know he kept one. We know it was lost with the expedition. Perhaps this is it! (Adult)
​Three books in one volume. In the style of Bernard Cornwell, The Heretic’s Secret is a rollicking historical adventure set during the bloody 13th century wars against the Cathar Heretics of Languedoc. (Adult)
​​The Final Alchemy recreates a world at the tipping point between the mysticism of the Middle Ages and the rationality of the Renaissance. The possibilities for glory and profit appear limitless, but the risks are horrifying. (Adult)
​The story of how a continent formed over 4 billion years. Told in readable, entertaining prose and filled with personal and geological anecdotes, this is the story of our world—in telling, it also tells our story. (Adult)
​Governor General's Award for Litrature Finalist and abreviated version of The Final Alchemy. (Age 12 and up)
Two soldiers and a boy caught up in the battle of Stalingrad in 1942. (Age 12 and up)
​An old Roman legionary watches Vesuvius explode and remembers his youth in the dark, threatening forests of Germania. (Age 10 and up)
​In 1936,a holidaying  Canadian family is caught up and separated in the chaotic first days of the Spanish Civil War. (Age 10 and up)
Based on a story my father told me, this tale is set during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. (Age 10 and up)
A time travel fantasy trilogy about dinosaurs for younger readers. (Age 8-12)
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