​Dark Terror is Book 2 in the Tales of War Series. On the ship over to France in Wings of War, Eddie met a young Newfoundland miner, Alec Shorecross. Dark Terror is Alec’s story.

Alec is 14, and has already left school to work in the local mine—toiling in the underground darkness for 13 cents and hour. When World War One breaks out, he ships overseas in search of a different life and a dream of doing something heroic. Instead, he finds himself fighting for survival in the shadowy tunnels beneath the Western Front. He and his invisible crew of tunnelers, or Moles as they call themselves, risk their lives building tunnels to plant huge mines beneath the enemy trenches. At the same time, they must fight off enemy attempts to do the same beneath their own trenches and to destroy the Moles' efforts.

Wilson ably evokes the claustrophobic, dark terror of the underground war and the coming of age of the young men amid the battles…A fascinating war tale that will have young readers digging in for a captivating read.” Kirkus Reviews.

"…a fast-moving, gripping take on a little-explored side of the war effort" National Reading Campaign.

"Highly Recommended" CM Magazine

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