Bones is part of the Orca Currents series and a sequel to Stolen. 

Bones finds Sam and Annabel traveling to visit Sam’s Mom in southern Alberta as a reward for solving the mystery of the theft of the famous Loch Ard Peacock in Stolen. Of course trouble follows them and they find themselves deep in the badlands where an incredibly valuable new dinosaur discovery makes a tempting target for Humphrey Battleford, a fabulously-wealthy, charming and totally unscrupulous, art collector. 

"Peppered with factual information about paleontology and the potential for fraud, the story moves along quickly to a satisfying end that still allows for the possibility of future entanglements with the villainous Humphrey Battleford." Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group

"Readers will enjoy this book for its fast-paced, easy-to-read structure and its numerous pop culture references; it is a high-interest novel for students who read below grade level." Library Media Connection

"The novel’s appeal comes from its thrilling storyline and its fascinating descriptions of the world of paleontology. Although Wilson deals with a fictitious dinosaur discovery, he makes paleontology an interesting foundation for his story without stepping too far away from reality...The interesting information about dinosaur research woven in the adventure story will capture many young readers and sustain their attention throughout." CM Magazine

"Wilson is a skilled YA author who can balance dialogue and description perfectly...Although a sequel, this novel is successful as a stand-alone, and will recruit more young readers, especially boys." Resource Links

"Another excellent example of Wilson’s care in research and presentation of data...Wilson conveys to his readers the depth of his own understanding of his topic, yet avoids any patronizing or erudite tone in his narration: exactly what struggling readers need in order to engage with the story." Karyn's Kid Lit Reviews blog

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