The sequel to The Flags of War, continues the adventures of two cousins, Walt and Nate McGregor, and of Sunday, the former slave on Nate's father's plantation. They have survived the carnage at Shiloh. But the Civil War rages on. Nate returns to the family plantation to find it in ruins. In despair he turns back to the only life he knows—the army. Meanwhile, Walt and Sunday re-enlist to fight for their beliefs, no matter how great the danger.

The three young men meet again at the notorious Libby prison in Virginia: Nate as a guard, Sunday as a slave and Walt as a prisoner. Their grim reunion at Libby—where prison walls divide them—highlights the complexity of a war that tore a nation apart. Can the three battle-scarred soldiers hope for anything more than survival?​

"Readable and exciting." Booklist

"…this book looks at the Civil War from the eyes of soldiers who come to realize that their enemies are just men like themselves." Jane G. Connor, South Carolina State Library, Columbia

"Wilson does not shy away from the horrors of war. His writing makes the sounds, smells and choking dust seem all too real. He brings to light lesser-known wartime issues such as Southerners who opposed slavery and Northerners who resented freed slaves—thus showing that the Civil War wasn't a simple case of North versus South, but a war that tore families and the country apart." CCBN 

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