After an argument with his father, Ian sets off in an open boat from Mayne Island on the British Columbia coast. His anger makes him forget basic boating safety rules and he soon finds himself swept out into Georgia Strait. Drifting and suffering from hypothermia, the young teen is visited by a series of ghosts who share stories of his ancestors and Canada's pioneer past. 

Led by Emily, Ian's great grandmother, a succession of long-dead ancestors and local characters appear on the boat telling him their stories—the stories of pioneer life on the Gulf Islands. In addition to bringing Ian an understanding of his family and his past, the ghosts keep him alert and inspire him to persevere. However, as the weather deteriorates and his boat capsizes, Ian begins to wonder if he is soon to join his ghostly companions. (Age 9 and up.)

"Gentle ghosts, the wild Pacific ocean and a boy's growing awareness of his family's history...beautifully told." Ann Walsh

"Wilson shifts realities in a convincing way and his evocation of island life—on land and water, now and then, is masterful." Globe and Mail

"Adrift in Time is firmly anchored in its sense of place, rich in stories evocative of a region peopled by pioneers as recently as the nineteenth century" Resource Links

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