​"I had thought of spying as a way of stopping the war, of freeing my country… I had thought I would be the only one in danger; but it's not that. This war seems to have a life of its own. It turns everyone it touches into a killer or a corpse."

In Dark Terror, Alec is injured in an underground explosion and sent to hospital where he meets Manon Wouters and falls in love. Before he can tell her how he feels, she disappears, recruited to be sent back to her native Belgium to become a spy, an activity that turns out to be a very dangerous game indeed.

Manon takes a job in a hospital, collecting information from wounded German soldiers. Soon, though, she is given more dangerous tasks, photographing zeppelins and new enemy aircraft, and marking locations to be bombed. Finally, with the help of a downed British pilot, she must find a way into the top secret submarine pens in Bruges in the middle of an air raid. Getting in proves easy enough, it's getting out that might be impossible.

Wilson includes all the trappings that one would expect to find in a spy novel…cover stories,codes, passwords, contacts, drop spots, and the ever-present possibility of betrayal…a strong, engaging read. Highly Recommended." CM Magazine.

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